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SMEs face particular problems due to their small size and limited resources. We bring you our guidance and advice to support your journey by filling the gap in experience, finance management and international market development.

What we do

"we help You To transform your business and people into success stories"

Alexandre Rosso, CEO of Red Group Vietnam

our Services

Coaching Services

We do coaching for CEOs/Founders/Executive to support them of identifying goals, creating strategies to obtain those goals, and boosting the overall performance of the organization.

Business Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Executive Coaching
Team coaching
coaching services red group vietnam
Want your own personal coach?

Maximize your company performance.

Consulting Services

We do consulting for specific projects or issues for specific deliverables or results, mainly on strategies such as…

Business strategy
Customer strategy
Financial Strategy​
Operation strategy
Organization Strategy​
Procurement strategy
consulting service red group vietnam
Need help with strategy?

Build a plan to meaningfully increase your profitability.

Training Services

We do training according the previous Coaching/Consulting missions to ensure the road map defined will be supported by the right training programs.

training services red group vietnam
Need a Tailor-made training?

Well Trained Employees are the Key to Business Success.

International Development

We do international market development by supporting Vietnamese companies to export their products/knowledge abroad with an adapted international expansion strategy.

International market development
International buyer connection
Trading Services
International development - red group
Want to expend internationally?

Grow by international expansion.

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